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Breastmilk Is Best For Baby. 10 Reasons Why It Is Good For Babies


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Raising a baby can be both a nerve-wracking and exciting time- especially if it is your first child. You have so many questions, so many journeys to go through, and so many chances to bond with your little one that it can feel quite overwhelming. One area of raising a child that can be quite confusing is nutrition.

Many parents struggle to decide whether their child should be breastfed or raised on formula- and some parents do not even get to make this decision. Of course, it is an entirely personal choice and will depend on the family in question.

In this post, we will be going over the top 10 reasons why breast milk is such an excellent choice for feeding your baby, in terms of growth, nutrition and development. We will also be taking a look at lactation bakes, and how they can help.

1. Breast milk can help promote healthy growth

One of the main reasons why breast milk is such an excellent choice for feeding a child is that it can help promote healthier growth and development. It is due to the levels of natural hormones, proteins and fats that are present within breast milk. It can help encourage growth and development in the brain and eyes, and stronger bones, too.

2. It can help stave off diseases and infections

The idea of your baby getting sick or getting an infection is a scary one, and breast milk can help mitigate this. Breastfeeding can help fight off bacteria and viruses, as it contains antibodies that will boost your baby’s defense systems.

This particular point is especially relevant in regards to colostrum, which is the first milk. The colostrum provides a considerable boost of helpful antibodies to the baby when consumed.

3. Your baby will always have food on demand

When breastfeeding, there is never going to be the worry that your baby would not have food to eat. Whenever the child is hungry, there will be enough food ready for them to consume. The more a mother breastfeeds her baby, her body will produce more milk.

4. Breast milk is often easier to digest than formula

Something about breast milk that can be beneficial in the short term is that babies more easily digest it. It can, in turn, reduce the risk of your baby having gas or nausea, and save you having to wash throw up out of your shirt so often. It’s a win-win situation.

5. Being breastfed lowers the risk of allergies

There have been some intriguing studies that link breastfeeding to a lower risk of allergies. It is an area that does need some more detailed research, but it is a valid point to bring up when discussing breast milk, nonetheless.

Providing your baby with breast milk instead of formula could be a fantastic way to help prevent allergies and the need for medication later on in life.

6. Breastfeeding can increase the bond between a mother and child

The personal, comforting aspect of breastfeeding can be necessary for a baby’s emotional development. The skin-to-skin contact and feeling of warmth can help a baby feel calm and increase the bond between parent and child immensely.

7. Breast milk can play a role in preventing SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

It can be a particularly relieving fact to know as a parent. There are strong links between breastfeeding and lower rates of SIDS. SIDS is a terrifying syndrome and can be something that keeps parents up at night.

Breastfeeding for at least two months can offer your baby protection against this syndrome- the rates of SIDS is slashed by fifty percent with these two months. Further breastfeeding only adds to the level of security and comfort for the child, too.

8. Breast milk grows and adapts with the baby

There is always the worry that your baby is not going to be getting what they need from their diet. With breast milk, this is less of a concern as it adapts alongside the child, as seen in the first few days of breastfeeding. Within a few days, the breast milk will change consistency and thin out as the baby begins to grow.

9. Breast milk can help lower the chance of the baby getting asthma

As with the previous point about breast milk reduces the risk of allergies, there have also been studies that link asthma rates with breast milk consumption. It is, again, an area that needs more additional research, but it is an excellent point to consider.

10. Breast milk can encourage healthier weight gain

A final point to consider is that breastfeeding can help promote healthier weight gain within a child. It is because breast milk adapts alongside a child’s growth patterns and provides them with the exact amount of nutrients that they need. Breast milk is high in protein, and quite low in sugars.

How can lactation bakes and nursing tea help with breastfeeding?

If you are a mother, who is breastfeeding currently, the chances are that you have heard about lactation bakes or nursing tea. They are specialized products that are crafted with natural ingredients, to help promote a positive breastfeeding experience.

Lactation bakes are particularly good at increasing the quality of breast milk as well as giving mothers an extra boost of energy. They help keep both the parent and child in great shape and can be pretty delicious, to boot.

Here at Wonderfull Milk, we have got plenty of tasty organic lactation bakes and nursing tea for grabs- like this delicious Cherry Pecan Lactation Granola. We know that raising a baby can be tiring, so our products are designed to help keep moms feeling as lovely and healthy as possible throughout their parenting journey.

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