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Getting Ready to Go Back to the Office after a Baby


Having a baby is one of the most beautiful milestones in many people's lives. Being able to bring a life into the world and raise it to be a wonderful adult is a fantastic journey, and it can completely shape how you live. Many parents find utter fulfillment in staying home and raising their child full-time, which should be supported wholeheartedly.

But for many parents it’s simply not possible or a desired experience to stay home full-time with their baby. Going back to work after having a child is something that can seem frightening or stressful, and it comes with a whole new set of anxieties. What if you’ve lost some of your original working skills, for example? Or what if people judge you for staying off to have a child?

These are questions that can often plague a parent who is returning to the workforce.

Here at Wonderfull Milk, we think that it’s important for parents to feel empowered and happy when returning to work. Having a child and raising one can help to develop so many new skills that employers love, and can help people to feel happier within themselves, too.

Today, we’re going to be going over our advice for parents who are returning to work after a baby- ranging from advice on mental health and staying happy, to tips on diet and legal rights.

Make sure that you’re in the right headspace to go back to work 

Firstly, it’s incredibly important to make sure that you’re happy and in a good mental state before making a big decision like going back to work. Having a child and raising it can be very draining so it’s important to keep tabs on your mental health. Realistically, how are you feeling and how would the stress of going back to work impact you?

Mental health care should be a huge priority, so if you feel like you’re feeling too fragile or are in a bad headspace before returning back to work, then make sure you act accordingly. Don’t be afraid to seek support or help with mental health- this is a stressful time for most parents.

Speak to your loved ones and support network about it

When making a big life decision like this, it’s important to reach out to your loved ones and get support. Don’t seek anyone’s validation or approval- this should be something that you’re doing for you and your baby. Simply let your loved ones know what you’re doing and that it could be stressful, and ask for their support when needed.

Pick the right moment to go back

As The Guardian points out, there isn’t a magical ‘best time’ for anyone to return to work. It will vary for each person, and it’s important that you consider this. Think about when would be the most optimal time for you to go back to work, and plan your return accordingly.

Brush up on any essential skills if needed

Is there a particular area of your career or skill set that’s making you feel worried about returning? For example, people in marketing might worry that they will be out of date with social media or marketing techniques when returning back to work.

If so, try to find casual ways to brush up on your skillset to help yourself feel more confident and empowered. Platforms like the Hubspot Academy can be very helpful for this.

Let yourself explore multiple options and paths

When it comes to heading back to work, you may realise that your original career or job is no longer practical or something that you want to do. That’s completely okay! Let yourself consider other options e.g. look into part-time jobs if you’ve been a freelancer, or vice versa.

Stay open minded and don’t limit yourself to just one type of opportunity.

Keep yourself healthy and happy

Maintaining a good diet and exercise regime during the period of heading back to work is very important. Eating well and staying active is one of the best ways to make sure that you’re in the right headspace for success when transitioning like this.

This is one of the key reasons why we offer so many products like our Cranberry Raisin Lactation Muesli. Being a mom can be tiring. We aim to make our products as nutritious and filling as possible, to help moms get through the task at hand- whether that’s breastfeeding, preparing for a day of work or spending time with the kids.

Establish a good pump schedule

If you are still breastfeeding, it is vital to get yourself into a reasonable plan for both your sake and your baby’s sake when you head back to work. Breast pumping need not be stressful or rushed if you try to set aside time in your lunch break, for example, to pump milk for your baby at your own pace. Having a set time will help you keep a consistent supply for your baby and reduce stress about finding a moment in your day. 

The products that we offer are all individually sealed and packaged so that you can pop them in your bag and enjoy them at work. If you are currently breastfeeding, you can enjoy our nutritious lactation bakes at work and pump on your lunch break when required.

Give yourself time to readjust and breathe

To finish up, one of the most important things to do is to give yourself time to adjust when heading back to work. If you’re not quite where you used to be, don’t worry. The new addition in your life will have helped you to grow in so many ways as a person and as a worker.

If you’re struggling with heading back to work or are worried about possibly facing discrimination for your choices to have a family, remember that maternity leave is heavily legislated. Know your rights, and feel confident that you are making the best choice for you and your baby.

To sum up

Overall, going back to work after having a baby is often thought of as being a stressful and intense process. Even in 2020, there is somewhat of a stigma surrounding parents in the workforce and stay-at-home parents; however this is thankfully changing as people become more open-minded and respectful.

If you’re looking to head back to work after having your child, it’s entirely possible to do so and to enjoy the process while you’re at it. Remember to put you and your child first, and to look after your own mental health above all. With some careful thought and planning, returning to work could be one of the most beneficial steps you take this year.

Are you looking for a place to buy delicious, healthy treats to help you with your child raising and breastfeeding journey? Wonderfull Milk has got you covered. We’re proud to offer a huge range of tasty, nourishing products to support our customers and their families.

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