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The Complete Guide for New Mothers on Lactation Bakes



Pregnancy is hardly ever a smooth process, considering how all of your decisions impact both you and your child. From deciding what to eat, what to buy and how to manage your life – you always need to factor in what is best for your child as well. Therefore, as you encounter pre-natal and post-natal problems, you still need to search for reasonable solutions.

The milk supply shortage is among the most common issues which bother both a mother and her child while nursing, and this can be quite overwhelming, and this is when lactation cookies can save your day!

While lactation cookies are never an alternative to professional help from a lactation consultant, it can provide the minimal nutrients required by your body to stimulate lactation. These are tasty bakes which include lots of healthy vitamins and minerals are proven to be beneficial for both nursing moms and their children, but other people in the house can eat them if they want.

What are Lactation Cookies?

An alternative name for lactation cookies is breastfeeding cookies. Whether you suspect a low milk supply or desire a healthy snack that helps both you and your baby, these cookies provide the exact nourishment you require.

The main ingredients in lactation bakes are brewers’ yeast, flaxseed, rolled oats and a plethora of other superfoods. According to nutrition experts worldwide, these supply the body with enough minerals and vitamins to keep you energised, increase your body’s milk production and ensure better immunity.

Originally, lactation cookies and other bakes were the perfect gifts for new mothers, and most pregnancy gift baskets would include such snacks. If you don’t prefer baked goods, you can even get nursing tea, granolas and muesli as substitutes to lactation cookies.

But, what benefits can you receive from gobbling up these tasty treats?

The Benefits of Eating Lactation Cookies

In a report by the CDC on breastfeeding, nearly 60% of mothers are not able to breastfeed according to their intended period. These mothers commonly encounter problems such as poor latching or lactation, fears for their infant’s nutrition along with a series of other issues. Mothers should consult medical experts, but if your problems are not severe and you want an at-home remedy, you should consider lactation foods for the following reasons:

1.    Have the Best Superfoods

All of the ingredients used to make lactation food have scientifically proven benefits. Brewers’ yeast, for instance, contains Vitamin B, chromium, selenium and protein. These nutrients help increase digestion while providing you with healthy skin and an improved nervous system. Flaxseed is another ingredient which provides a great source of dietary fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. These aid in the brain development of your baby even as a foetus, and are beneficial when consumed in the first few months of your pregnancy.

2.    Will Boost Your Milk Supply

Lactation bakes contain galactagogues, which are various herbs known to increase milk supply within mothers. While there is little scientific evidence to validate how useful lactation cookies are, most new mothers choose to eat these because it does provide the right amount of energy and improves their overall biological system. 

3.    Can Be Tasty

If you have a sweet tooth, these can be perfect for you. Even though the main ingredient in lactation cookies are yeast and flaxseed, they contain other elements such as chocolate, peanut butter, coconut, almond butter, and so much more. These are perfect for an afternoon snack or mid-breastfeeding craving.

4.    Effective for Most Mothers

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, many mothers have reviewed these cookies to be incredibly effective at stimulating breast milk supply. Since most of the ingredients used to make these have proven to be beneficial to new mothers, there is little to doubt about its potency. Some mothers had claimed that it had elongated their lactation periods, especially when they were afraid of a drop in their milk supply.

How do Lactation Cookies Work?

Interestingly enough, lactation cookies are not a modern concept. Midwives recommended it for centuries in various cultures and traditions. Thus, a lot of the information and evidence for its effectiveness has been through generations of mothers who had already eaten them and experienced results.

The reason why lactation bakes work is because the common ingredients in them are scientifically endorsed for everyone and not just mothers, to build a more robust immune system and have a better functioning body. (Fun fact: some of these ingredients are also known as ‘functional nutrients’)

Apart from breastfeeding cookies, you can also look into nursing tea which has organic ingredients which cater to your digestive system and influence a calming state within you.

Breaking Down the Ingredients

These are the proven health benefits from each of the common ingredients used in all of our lactation snacks:

Brewer’s Yeast – The vitamins boost your energy levels and decrease digestive problems.

Flaxseed – The fatty acids are sufficient to increase the ‘good fat’ in your breast milk. You will only receive it's nutritious value as flaxseed is used moderately in lactation bakes.

Rolled oats – The fibre in oats can reduce the absorption rate of carbs in your bloodstream. If you have diabetes during pregnancy, this does an excellent job at eliminating spikes in your blood sugar levels.

Fenugreek – Midwives popularly recommend it because of its high level of potency, which has helped to increase milk supply.

It is natural to feel extreme cravings while nursing, but you need to be meticulous with the food that you consume as these will be consumed by your baby as well. Therefore, you must eat what is healthy, and these lactation cookies are an excellent way to keep you satisfied and nourish both your and your baby’s bodies.

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