Cherry Pecan Lactation Granola – Wonderfull Milk
Cherry Pecan Lactation Granola
Yummy breakfast: Cherry Pecan Lactation Granola
Mother enjoying Cherry Pecan Lactation Granola
Cherry Pecan Lactation Granola Packaging

Cherry Pecan Lactation Granola

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Lactation will be easy with this breakfast organic lactation granola. It's perfect for new mothers who are breastfeeding as it contains brewers yeast, which has natural qualities thought to help stimulate your natural milk supply.

  • Helps natural lactation
  • For new moms
  • Healthy
  • Only 533 calories per serve
  • A naturally sweet treat

It tastes delicious and contains natural ingredients like coconut oil, flaxseed, and wheatgerm, for an extra vitamin and mineral boost.

Loaded with cherries, it's delicious as a snack on the go, it gives an extra sweet flavor for a real treat that won't leave you feeling guilty.

Suggested Intake

2 - 3 packets a day 

Key Ingredients

Rolled oats*^, Pecans*^, Shredded coconuts*^, Strip almonds^, Almond slices^, Maple Syrup*, Coconut oil*^, Cherries*, Brewer’s yeast^, Flaxseed meal*^ and Wheatgerm*



Nutrition Facts


Choose either net weight 300g or net weight 800g. Your granola is individually packed in plastic packets and sealed to lock in the freshness. Each packet weighs 100g and is placed in stand up pouches with zipper which have been sealed for a second layer of protection  


Please store your granola in either the fridge or freezer. 


Fridge (2 weeks)

Freezer (3 months)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Cookies are chewy and flavourful. The granolas are mixed perfectly, delicious!

Very good

Good in taste and really did increase my breastmilk. Thanks.

Best snack option!

A healthy and guilt-free snack that has an additional benefit of boosting my supply! Snacking has never been more enjoyable and guilt free. Did boost my supply after consuming a few packs. Love that it’s conveniently packed so that it can be consumed on the go!

Thank you for your lovely review! It makes our day to hear that you enjoy our bakes and it helps to increase your breast milk supply!
Healthy and delicious

Totally delicious! Individually packed so that I can just grab one pack and mix with milk to eat. It's really yummy too! I can feel my breast filling up faster then before! Thank you!

Thank you for taking time to write us a review! We are happy that you love our bakes and it’s effective for you!

crunchy, smells amazing! always pair this with milk for breakf and the dried berries makes everything come together nicely without being too sweet like others i tried. love this! great breakf on the go too!

Thanks for the wonderful review! We are happy to hear that it is delicious and has helped in boosting your milk supply!

Not too sure if is does help with my supply. However, the granola taste great and nutritious for lactating mums.

We are sorry that it may not have helped with boosting your milk supply and glad to hear that you like the taste of it. Thanks for leaving us feedback and we have updated our receipe with a higher proportion of lactation boosters.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

27 reviews

The peanut butter taste is not too much, it's just the right amount of sweetness. Perfect for breakfast because I feel full after eating 2 cookies!~

Perfect for a quick snack

The chocolate chip is so rich and amazing, once you pop one in, you will keep wanting more. I put some in my bag for snacking at work!

Rich and yummy

Initially before I purchased, I thought it would be sweet, but it wasnt and it was so full of richness for just a biscuit in each individual package. Though I didnt follow excatly the suggested intake but I could see a difference in my pumped milk not just in volume but also in its quality too.

Yummy snack!

Love the almond slices! Not too sweet and make me feel less guilty when snacking. Plus point - more milk for baby!

Yummy cookies

Love the freshly baked cookies, it tastes so yummy and full of nuts & chocolate chips. It does helps to boost my breast milk supply yet satisfy my sweet tooth cravings!