Almond Lactation Slices – Wonderfull Milk
Slices - Honey Almond Lactation Slices -Wonderfull Milk
Slices - Honey Almond Lactation Slices -Wonderfull Milk

Honey Almond Lactation Slices

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What could be better than a tasty snack that also helps you make more milk for your baby! Delicious, nutritious and organic this wonderful snack keeps both you and your baby full and healthy. As a new mother, the last thing you need is to worry about producing enough milk. With these mouthwatering snacks, you can relax and be assured that you will produce enough milk to keep your baby healthy and happy.

  • 100% Egg Free
  • 100% Delicious
  • Preservatives Free
  • Popular 

Suggested Intake

2 - 3 slices a day


French Butter, Sugar, Organic Honey, Almond meal^, Brewer’s yeast^, Organic  Flaxseed meal^ and Organic Wheatgerm


Nutrition Facts



8 inch (9 pieces)


Please store your slices in the fridge.


Fridge (2 weeks)

Customer Reviews

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Yummy Nutritious Snacks

Almond has high omega 3, helps weight loss and also hair loss! These benefits are good enough for us to snack on them let alone yummy almond lactating cookies that help produce milk and benefits both mommies and babies!

Thanks for this awesome delicious breast feeding hacks!

Yummy snack!

Love the almond slices! Not too sweet and make me feel less guilty when snacking. Plus point - more milk for baby!

Yummy and they works!

Absolutely love the almond slices! They are soo yummy and they boost up my milk supply. My baby’s happily drinking his milk the entire week. Happy baby happy mummy!

Honey Almon

I love how this power packed snack has a hint of salty undertones to balance with the sweetness, definitely makes me wanna reach out for more!

I love to have this home made lactation goodies anytime of the day when I'm need a little snack. The best part, it boost my milk supply 💕